Earth is for Everyone

It’s God’s will and reason to create millions and millions of people all scattered around Earth to speak different languages, to follow different doctrines and religions. It’s God’s will to give them birth to live and be reasons for others to live. It’s a built-up process and an endless chain of life. No matter what religion people follow no matter what reason they live for but they all have the right to live. If we all understand that others have the right to live as much as we do we, would never undermine their beliefs as long as they call for peace.


Stop violence..stop killing. Live and let others live in Peace.

I send my words to those who just want to dominate Earth, to those who find no means of communication except bullets and blood shed.

Start with yourself keep your weapons aside and work to make Earth a place for everyone to live on before, sooner or later, we shall all find no place to live.


About Ashraf Saleheen

A caller for Peace. Passionate about my beliefs. Business Development Manager. Building Material Industry. Member of the Worldwide Association for Marketing Executives (Washington DC) Located in Dubai
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