I Died for Thee, Land of Palestine

Once I fell into deep love
that rests in the heart of a soaring DOVE
Peacefully we stood together,
on a branch of an olive tree
When He came in with a trigger,
wanting to take HER from me.
With one bullet, HE shot me in the heart
With another, He set us both apart.

Shoot HER not,
let her fly
For my heart that you’ve shot,
is now gonna die
Kill HER not,
SHE will always be mine.
All the love SHE’s got,
shall never be thine
Farewell now,
my dear dear DOVE
Go and fly,
high & high above.
I loved THEE more than ever
It’s time to part,
but we shall not sever
Forget not to tell my child
“Lean not, bow not,
be tough & wild,
Raise up your head,
& with full pride stand,
Your FATHER’s once dead,
for that sake of our LAND”.
I’m not crying..
I’m not sad.
Neither I’m sighing..
nor I’m mad.
Oh my eyes, let my tears stone into you,
For thou shall never cry again
Oh my heart, let my sighs bone into you
For thou shall never die again
I pledge THEE now,
my dear, dear DOVE,
That tomorrow, yes tomorrow,
THOU will never sove.
Tomorrow my son will STRONG
With PEACE in a hand, SWORD in the other.
TOMORROW my SON will come along.
To green what is sand, to die for his MOTHER.
Neither I could see HIM, nor can HE me.
Now he goes to swim, with his MOTHER by the sea
Yet I can hear HIS voice, and HE can mine
“I had no other choice..
I died for THEE, Palestine”


About Ashraf Saleheen

A caller for Peace. Passionate about my beliefs. Business Development Manager. Building Material Industry. Member of the Worldwide Association for Marketing Executives (Washington DC) Located in Dubai
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One Response to I Died for Thee, Land of Palestine

  1. Tamer amer says:

    MASHALLAH MASHALLAH Ashraf it is beautiful 3ndak talent and 3aref tektib Allahi ye bareklak feek ya3ni a7lah poem to be honest i l ove it

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