At the far end of the shore (Waves of Freedom)

At the far end of the shore

Stood I.. all alone
Wondering why waves moan?
Coming all together they are
Coming fast from a far
Hastily chasing each other
Flying, diving.. no bother
Hoping to meet at the shore
Hoping to hug, kiss and adore

But ..hard rocks are waiting
No way for celebrating
I see them waves retreating
Back to the ocean they creep
With a broken heart.. go deep
Hide in the dark ..where it’s quiet
Shiver in the cold eternal night

Crippled and motionless
Friends with loneliness




But there will come a day
When they surface to play
Hastily chase each other
Fly and bother

Jump higher than the rocks
Jump farther than the docks
Hastily chase each other
Freedom they chase
Happiness they grace
Warm under the sun
Hugging one another.
No cold….No bother.


Nov., 2010

Ashraf Saleheen


About Ashraf Saleheen

A caller for Peace. Passionate about my beliefs. Business Development Manager. Building Material Industry. Member of the Worldwide Association for Marketing Executives (Washington DC) Located in Dubai
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