Everything you do tells me you love me,

Everything you don’t tells me you do.

I feel it when you hold me, when you hug me,

I look in your eyes, I find it all true.

Distance is thousands yards and miles,

Yet you came all the way remembering our smiles.

Remembering when we first met

Thinking where we would sit

Where the sun always shines.

Scared you are of your heart?

Scared to love then we part?

Is it for the short time’s sake?

That you think we’re making a mistake?

Is it for the love already born?

That we have to keep it forlorn?

Is it for your sake and mine?

that we have to end this line?

I know it’s one day or the other,

We may not see each other.

TRuth is

A feeling that lies in the hearts, So long remains,

When everything departs.


About Ashraf Saleheen

A caller for Peace. Passionate about my beliefs. Business Development Manager. Building Material Industry. Member of the Worldwide Association for Marketing Executives (Washington DC) Located in Dubai
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